Rail Safety Auditing

Engenicom have a strong history in providing rail safety auditing services for a number of providers in the rail industry. Rail Safety is a very complex field and involves not only the legislation, but how it is implemented on the ground.


Engenicom have extensive experience from operations all the way through to on-site management, meaning we can manage a full array of rail safety issues. We can assist in developing your systems to gain Rail Safety accreditation, and audit your systems against AS4292, Rail Safety Legislation, and the National Rail Safety Guidelines.  We are also able to assist in planning upcoming possessions, negotiate track access, plan your safe-working and audit its implementation against the Network Rules and Procedures.


  • Hunter8 Alliance (John Holland Group – ARTC)
    Development and review of the Minimbah 3rd Track, safe-working plan. Facilitate operational risk assessments

  • AANCSA Alliance (Ansaldo-STS – ARTC)
    Rail Safety Manager secondment responsible for incident investigation, possession planning, preparation of safe-working plans, including pilot staff working, worksite protection auditing, ensure adequacy of mentoring/ training and accreditation requirements for all 35 of Ansaldo-STS’s Protection Officers.

  • Freightliner Australia
    Operations Manager secondment responsible for the day to day management of Freightliners Hunter Valley coal train operations, including the supervision of the Live Run coordination team, incident management/ reporting/ investigation, work plan implementation, crew allocation, fatigue management and unit train maintenance scheduling and supervision.