Works Planning/Programming

The Planning Phase includes all work undertaken to develop the option determined to be the best solution (from the work undertaken during the initiation phase) to a point where it can be implemented. This is generally accomplished by:

  • Developing work break down structure;
  • Developing works schedule;
  • Developing works budget;
  • Developing the procurement schedule;
  • Identifying all deliverables required including establishing and monitoring timeframes;
  • Providing effective and controlled communication with all stakeholders;
  • Conducting risk workshops; and
  • Providing assistance in gaining all statutory approvals.

Engenicom considers this phase critical in a project’s lifecycle, with the most ability to influence the outcome of a project. Investing the time to establish effective controls, plans, and processes, provides the best opportunity to deliver the project and meet the client’s objectives.

Designer Procurement

Engenicom are able to access and procure the appropriate design services for the project with the objective of delivering the design with the least lead time, most benefit and the required quality for the project.

Designer Management

Engenicom can manage the entire design process with the aim of providing an innovative and efficient design solution meeting the requirements of the project and the wider community whilst delivering a successful project to all stakeholders.

Stakeholder Management

The management of project stakeholders’ expectation is a key consideration in the delivery of all projects. Engenicom is able to assist with the identification and the delivery of an effective strategy to establish and maintain the support of both internal and external stakeholders that may have an interest in the project.

Regulatory Approvals

Engenicom can assist with the preparation and submission of all documentation necessary to regulatory bodies to ensure that compliance and approvals are provided with minimal delay to the project.

Estimating/ Budget Development

Engenicom can assist with the preparation and development of initial project estimating from conceptual design and project feasibility stages through to the development of the detailed construction project budget.

Risk & Opportunity Management

Understanding project risks is a critical element in controlling project cost and delivery time. Engenicom is able to provide the necessary experience to identify and assess project risks and opportunities and apply the necessary controls to minimise exposure and maximise benefits for the project.

Project Controls Establishment

Engenicom can assist with identifying and defining overall and individual scope of work packages, and the preparation of the work breakdown structures for the project to ensure the necessary control of cost and quality.

  • Initiation


    The Initiation phase includes the work undertaken to establish a new project by a defining a solution.

  • Development


    The Planning Phase includes all work undertaken to develop the option determined to be the best solution.

  • Execution


    The Execution Phase involves the coordination and management of all resources required to deliver.

  • Close-Out


    Closing out a project entails the clients acceptance of the project deliverables and providing their feedback.