Project Management

Engenicom are leaders in the field of Project Management Services. We have invested heavily in our personnel, systems and procedures to enable us to provide our clients with project management services best suiting their needs. Our approach is designed to mirror our clients’ requirements whether that be:

  • A full project owners team;
  • Supplement an existing team; and
  • Specifics such as procurement, risk management, construction verification.

Project management is one of the least understood areas of management. Traditionally, the majority of projects experience (especially in construction) cost overruns and time delays. Large projects stretch the capabilities of organisations whose primary experience lies in day to day operations which do not share the dynamic attributes of an evolving project. Additionally, organisations may be engaged in a large number of projects at one time which can stretch their in-house capabilities.

Our ISO 9001 accredited Project Management System is based on the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK®) and incorporates experience and lessons learned from past projects. Our processes and procedures are updated to incorporate those lessons following the completion of each project allowing best practice project management methods at all times.

The Engenicom Project Management System has the ability to be tailored to meet our client’s requirements. Of course, a clients preferred suite of project management systems and procedures can always be utilised.

  • Initiation


    The Initiation phase includes the work undertaken to establish a new project by a defining a solution.

  • Development


    The Planning Phase includes all work undertaken to develop the option determined to be the best solution.

  • Execution


    The Execution Phase involves the coordination and management of all resources required to deliver.

  • Close-Out


    Closing out a project entails the clients acceptance of the project deliverables and providing their feedback.