Mining Consultancy Services

Mining Consultancy Services


Engenicom draws upon the extensive knowledge and resources of the UGM Group, and can provide a diverse range of mining consultancy services related to underground and open cut mining. General consultancy expertise include the following:

  • Materials handling and process;
  • Completion tests (developing countries);
  • Mining engineering services;
  • Ventilation expertise;
  • Statutory mine officials;
  • Secondary support;
  • Audits (operational and feasibility);
  • Conveyor systems;
  • Plant & equipment;
  • Mining equipment fleet specification and tender;
  • Due diligence;
  • M&A advice;
  • Statutory and compliance services; and
  • Training services through “NewSAFE Training”


Engenicom’s knowledge base can be called on to perform Merger & Acquisition, technical audit and due diligence tasks as required. With extensive accumulated industry experience, all facets of the mining chain can be assessed by industry professionals in a critical and methodological fashion.