Mine Feasibility



Engenicom’s experienced engineers have performed mine feasibility studies for both underground and open cut operations. Involving both greenfield and expansion projects, Engenicom provided cost effective outcomes to our clients. These studies included:

  • Capital & operating cost estimates
  • Technical review
  • Audits
  • JORC reserve estimates
  • Surface water balances
  • Project schedule
  • Risk management
  • Fleet specifications
  • Drill & blast
  • Benchmarking
  • Feasibility studies (FEL1 to FEL4)
  • Equipment fleet specification and tenders
  • Project completion testing (mining, mill)


Engenicom has a wealth of experience in the mine feasibility process. After interpreting the geological data, Engenicom can produce a concept design on the mine limits based on normal constraints (tenure, physical, geological, etc). This concept design then has a first pass margin rank conducted upon it, to define gross boundaries.

Following on from the concept design, Engenicom then begins development of the life of mine scheduling. This is achieved by combining the inputs from the base XPAC software suite (that allows the scheduling of mine waste/coal, equipment productivities, and haul profiles), with the Autoscheduler module (the sub program used to run multiple operational scenarios in order to capture the preferred option).

From this Engenicom are able to determine mine fleet and sizings and man power allocations for the mine.

Engenicom are then able to provide a capital analysis on the project by feeding the design into a cost and financial model for final Net Present Value analysis.