Incident management


Incident management and investigation services are one of the core strengths of Engenicom. Incident Investigations can be a costly and time consuming exercise if they are not managed correctly. Engenicom’s team have extensive incident investigation experience in a variety of industries, and we believe that Incident investigation and incident management is an effective way for an organisation to identify, analyse, correct and prevent the recurrence of incident in the workplace.


Engenicom specialise in the ICAM investigation process, the industry benchmark for investigations. We identify the causes for the incident, and assist in developing controls to help prevent recurring incidents.

Through our parent company, the UGM Group, we can provide expert professionals including mining engineers and managers, mechanical/electrical engineers, and rail specialists to act as subject matter experts and expert witnesses. Through the UGM Group’s joint venture with the NSW Mines Rescue Service, Engenicom can perform incident re-creations in our purpose built Mine Training Centre.