Environmental Monitoring Services


Our Environmental monitoring services are used in the preparation of environmental impact assessments and in any situation where there is a potential for environmental harm. Environmental monitoring is an effective technique to minimise your environmental impact, reduce risk and monitor the effectiveness of environmental controls.


Engenicom provides environmental monitoring services for a diverse range of industries and entities. The strength of the Engenicom Environmental Monitoring team is built on a combination of skills, experience and qualifications, supported by monitoring expertise in various industries.

Engenicom provide the following environmental monitoring services:

  • Flora and fauna surveys;
  • Sediment and erosion control;
  • GIS mapping;
  • Continuous monitoring systems;
  • Longwall subsidence monitoring and mapping;
  • Water quantity and quality monitoring;
  • Noise impact assessments and monitoring;
  • Air and gas emissions monitoring;
  • Pre-clearance surveys; and
  • Dam and lake monitoring.


Engenicom have provided environmentally effective and comprehensive monitoring services to various clients, including the following: