Environmental Mapping


Environmental mapping and analysis is essential for the successful management of many projects. Generally known as GIS, for geographical information systems, this enables a detailed representation and analysis of environmental attributes and constraints, potential impacts and allows for visual representation. GIS has now become an invaluable tool for the management of complex environmental challenges and for the planning and management of projects.


Engenicom’s specialists can integrate spatial data (including from our engineering CAD), undertake analysis and present the information to provide clients with tailored environmental and integrated systems solutions. Our GIS capabilities include Manifold and AutoCAD GIS (and Design Suite).

We can seamlessly integrate with Engenicom’s engineering and project team in the use of engineering design, drawing and presentation.


  • Neubeck Coal – Detailed feasibility analysis. GIS is being used to analyse catchments and develop the surface water systems needed for this stage of the project.
  • QRNEngenicom has designed the new Hexham siding for QR National, and GIS has been used for the mapping of components of this study.
  • Origin Energy – Era ring loop
  • Macquarie Generation – Liddell Ash Dam