Environmental and Safety Management Systems Consultants



Engenicom’s Environmental and Safety Management System Consultants develop and advise on Integrated Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems (IMS) that are tailored to our clients specific business needs, whilst achieving the requirements of ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO18001 and AS/NZS4801. We believe that an effective management system becomes part of the business culture, and the way people carry out their work.


Engenicom understands the complexities of implementing large business systems and pride ourselves on developing flexible, robust, and practical management systems.

We start by working with our clients team on the ground to gain a real understanding of the work processes and methods for executing tasks.

This approach ensures that the end user has a role in the development of the system, culminating in improved ownership, reduced resistance to change, and continual improvement.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a tailor made solution by working with all levels of the organisation.


Engenicom have assisted in the development and implementation of various management system for our clients by providing effective, robust and comprehensive systems.

  • Ansaldo STS – Development of Environmental Management System components including management plans, training material and revision of multiple components prior to ISO 14001 certification.
  • Newcastle Port Corporation – Internal EMS auditing, reporting and EMS procedure reviews.
  • UGM Diesel and Electrical Services – Development of Quality Management System for ISO 9001 and NATA certification.
  • Cobbora Holdings Company – Safety Management System legislative gap analysis
  • Lucas Drilling safety management gap analysis to Xstrata safety management system