Environmental and Safety Auditing Services

Engenicom are a specialist provider of Environmental and Safety auditing services. Our auditors are experts in the field, and our audit tools are useful to quantify the performance of the targeted element of your organisation. Auditing is intended to identify compliance and management system gaps, along with the identification of related corrective actions. Subsequent auditing reports contain an evaluation of performance against audit criteria as well as suggestions and recommendations for improvement.

Environmental and safety auditing assists in identifying the areas of your business that impact the most on the environment and on workplace health and safety. Our audits help to identify environmental and safety risks and prioritise risk management.


With a qualified team of environmental and safety auditing professionals, Engenicom can service an audit team to work with your organisation to fulfil your compliance and management system audit needs. Engenicom’s audit team can also assist your organisation’s auditing and inspection capabilities

Our Environmental, Safety and Quality Auditing provide a variety of services, including:

  • General audits tailored to our clients needs;
  • Environmental and safety compliance audits;
  • Internal ISO audits;
  • Gap analysis audits and reviews prior to certification.


Engenicom have conducted various successful audits for their clients by providing independent, credible and purposeful audits.