Project Feasibility Studies



Engenicom has a breadth of experience in developing financial analysis for project feasibility studies within a range of industries, including energy & resources, construction, logistics and manufacturing. Engenicom is engaged by its clients in varying capacities during the feasibility assessment process, including:

  • Budget development from concept to design
  • Discounted cash flow and other capital budgeting analysis methods
  • Business case preparation and facilitation of approval
  • Scenario and sensitivity analysis


The Engenicom Commercial Team works closely with its panel of experienced estimators, quantity surveyors and engineers to ensure accuracy of cost estimates. Engenicom adds value to this process by developing insights into key project sensitivities of concern to its clients. A variety of feasibility and sensitivity analysis tools are utilised including discounted cash-flow and Monte Carlo analysis to deliver a comprehensive feasibility study. Engenicom is experienced in facilitating the approval process and developing the required documentation to ensure compliance to internal protocols.