Procurement and Tender Services


Engenicom has provided procurement and tender services for a number of large capital projects on behalf of its clients. Engenicom also has experience in acting as the owners representative in executing its clients internal procurement processes. Our expertise, capability, and experience extends to the following:

  • Development of tender package and scope requirements
  • Management of request for tender process
  • Tender management, evaluation and award
  • Contract formation & negotiation
  • Market debriefing


Engenicom staff are trained in best practice procurement processes, including tender development and evaluation. Engenicom possesses the right procedures and controls to effectively execute its clients’ procurement needs. Underpinning these processes is the maintenance of fairness and integrity in delivering the best outcome for the project. Communication is tightly managed to ensure that our clients remain well informed and involved throughout the procurement process, and that information is disseminated in a consistent and controlled fashion to external parties.