Contract Management Services


Engenicom provides contract management services to a range of industries and has the experience to effectively implement and administer complex contractual arrangements. Our contract management professionals are committed to creating value for our clients through proactive management and by developing a sound understanding of our clients’ business. Engenicom is able to deliver the following contract administration and management functions for its clients:

  • Quantitative and qualitative performance monitoring for contract deliverables
  • Management of information and communications between Principal and Supplier
  • Scope change and variation management
  • Review of claims and facilitation of payments
  • Dispute resolution
  • Litigation preparation
  • Expediting, procurement and logistics
  • Project close-out


Engenicom has the appropriate controls and methods for monitoring contractual performance on behalf of its clients. Our team understands the importance of facilitating open communication and administering documentation controls to manage the varying elements of our client’s contracts. Engenicom also has substantial experience in managing scope changes and variations on behalf of its clients.